Tru Luxe Jeans

The search for the perfect pair of jeans is how Nancy Bolen, a veteran fashion designer based in LA, helped redefine the denim market. After years of wearing jeans that lacked the personality she craved, a frustrated Nancy sat down at her desk and began sketching a line that embodied fit, comfort, and most importantly style. “I love jeans with “bling“, says Bolen, “What I didn’t love however was the low rise, tight fitting options that were currently on the market. I wanted the jeans to be very comfortable and to have enough stretch to fit the majority of body types along with tasteful designs that look trendy, youthful and sexy just like my daughter’s jeans.

Confident women would appreciate her collection,  Nancy began carving out these one of a kind embellishments that were edgy but refined, with beautifully designed back pocket embroideries with studs, rhinestones, and cool washes to satisfy the gap in the marketplace. At an affordable price point that keeps her collection under $100 per pair, Tru Luxe which was once a dream has become a reality. The ultimate crossover jean with a modern missy fit that not only gives the look of wearable art but also feels great and moves with your body all day long. “So go ahead”, says Bolen, “Live life luxuriously, because you deserve it!”

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